Auhor: Shaughn Ryan

Grid Parity 2.0

Posted by Shaughn Ryan on Jun 28, 2021 4:16:32 PM

Having been in the solar industry since 2003, I have witnessed firsthand the monumental achievements in cost reduction. Historically this effort was solely focused on one goal—LCOE reduction—that is the lowest cost of energy for the life of the operating solar plant. CAPEX was the elephant in the room that wasn’t really hiding in the corner. There was a time, in an all-hands meeting back in 2007 (right after a particular industry-changing merger), in which our esteemed leaders proclaimed we would hit $2/Wdc installed by 2012. I was a project manager responsible for project costs and knew what all the numbers were going into projects. I looked at my fellow project managers and chuckled, almost out loud. We were highly competitive price-wise and installing around the $7-8/Wdc at the time.

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